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Engaging user interfaces that stand out in the digital world.

Our innovative approach to User Experience design combined with modern, responsive, ‘mobile first’ User Interface development helps our customers gain value from the digital world.

Big Data & Data Science

Exploiting data for actionable results.

Our Big Data engineers provide a customized approach to data discovery that helps our customers manage data for efficient utilization and actionable results. Our data scientists apply modern technologies to tap the unseen potential of Big Data.


Continuous development focused on accurate and rapid delivery.

Our DevOps environment includes out-of-the-box Technology Accelerator (TAs) for continuous integration, deployment, testing and configuration management enabling our customers to rapidly focus on business needs.

Cyber Security

Meet the ever-increasing security challenges to systems and data.

Our risk and vulnerability assessments evaluate and implement cyber security policy for our clients. Our vertically aligned “Cyber Security as a Service” offerings help secure our clients critical IT systems and infrastructure.

Our Clients

We support federal, commercial and non-profit research organizations to implement complex policy within mission-critical systems.

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Our Contracts

Softrams supports the nation’s single largest payer for health care, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) in improving quality of care while reducing service costs for 55 million Americans.

Physician Value

Analyzes Medicare claims and quality data and generates the Value Based Modifier to adjust Medicare Part B claim payments based on quality and cost ratings.

PRIME – Northrop Grumman

National Level Repository

Supports adoption of Electric Health Records (EHRs) and their meaningful use in care coordination and improving quality of care.

PRIME – Northrop Grumman


Supports implementation of critical Accountable Care Act applications for Alternative Payment Models new healthcare models that tie Medicare Payments to value.

PRIME – Northrop Grumman

Fraud Prevention System (FPS)

Supports implementation of pre-payment edits and post-payment predictive models for post Medicare claims in a big data environment to combat fraud and reduce waste & abuse.

PRIME – Northrop Grumman

Fraud Prevention System 2.0

Supports implementation of the next generation platform for combating Medicare fraud, waste and abuse leading to potential savings to Medicare Trust Fund.

PRIME – Northrop Grumman

Quality Payment Program

Supports implementation of a single framework to pay clinicians for the value and quality of care they provide for Medicare beneficiaries replacing the Sustainable Growth Rate formula.

PRIME – Northrop Grumman

ACO CDP Portlet

Supports Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) through research that facilitates coordination and cooperation among providers participating in CMS Shared Savings Program (SSP) to improve the quality of care.

PRIME – RTI International

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